Christmas is Coming

As we are approaching the Christmas season it feels appropriate that my first blog entry be Christmas themed!

I have always had an interest in card making, having a Nan who loves making personalized cards with fancy embossing and stamping this interest was bound to catch on.  I do tend to make home made cards for my boyfriend for this birthday, anniversaries and Christmas. They are normally made out of kids basic white card and a sharpie pen – very basic.

For Christmas this year I have attempted making cards using acrylic paint, something I have no skill in at all. I started off with a very basic snow themed card, dabbing the end of a pencil in the paint and stamping. I quite like the effect this has and I can already imagine how great this would look on different coloured card.

The stamping then moved onto…snowmen! I am rather proud of how nice these little ones came out on an envelope.  Decorated using the trustworthy Sharpie pens.

After this I got a bit more confident and make a penguin and owl, using paint for the eyes and Sharpie for the bodies.

I’m so excited for making more cards!!!


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