The Body Shop


When I turned 21 everyone said that classic line “it’s a downhill slope from now” and I laughed it off without even considering I’m a quarter of the way through my life. My childhood has officially gone and since my 22nd birthday I am becoming more aware of those first signs of ageing.

So on my usual shopping trip to stock up on essentials I thought I’d pop into The Body Shop and stock up on a couple of favourites.

The Seaweed range is my favourite. The Matt Day Cream and Facial Scrub are perfect for my skin type, but in the winter months I don’t want to feel like I’m drying my skin out too much. I’ve picked up a cute little essentials kit with the Vitamin E range in which I’m excited to try out and write a review on.

It’s supposed to hydrate your skin so for someone who doesn’t drink any water this hopefully will be a skin saver!

The other two new products I’ve purchased are:

Elderflower Eye Gel, £7.50: apparently one of the eldest products in the shop with nothing but natural ingredients. It seems like a small pot for a large price so I expect big refreshing results with this one.

Blue Corn 3-in-1 Deep Cleansing Mask, £10: this has great reviews on the website and for a 3-in-1 product hopefully this will be a long term investment.

I’m not normally one to splash out on pricier skincare products but now seems like the time to establish a good cleansing routine and find my ‘must haves’.

After trying this products for a while I will come back and give a little review!


4 thoughts on “The Body Shop

    • Thank you for visiting my blog! I know their products are really varied and I sometimes think there are too many options for the same skin types. The Tea Tree Oil line are a big no from me except the face mask. I really look up products and ask around before I commit to a purchase or I get testers of everything. Then the problem is something might be fine for the first week or two then after that it stops working or irritates my skin! Fingers crossed for Vitamin E 🙂 x


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