The UK tries Black Friday

What an embarrassment. I am aware the American tradition of ‘Black Friday’ had visited some supermarkets in previous years and high street retailers liked to offer an extra 10-30% off purchases to keep up with popularity.

Today I thought I’d just pop to a smaller shopping centre in my town to pick up some bits and bobs and I was horrified at the stories the checkout lady was telling me! People acted like animals to get reduced items and being that it’s payday for many I assume they were all a little merrier than usual too.

I’ve just got home and had a quick glance at my Facebook and there are videos of people who live in this country running into the supermarkets and fighting over TVs. Literally men and women. I didn’t even find the videos funny it just shows how sad and pathetic people can become over products they do not need. After Children in Need and the crisis of Ebola being in the media recently, it’s shocking how people can say “we need money for our own problems” and then here thousands are on camera doing what I wouldn’t even call shopping!

It’s also sad to know some people acted like animals purely out of desperation to buy products at a good value price to sell on to make some money before Christmas. IT’S NOT ABOUT THE PRESENTS!

To make matters worse, apparently it’s happening again tomorrow.


5 thoughts on “The UK tries Black Friday

  1. How sad is that! I think retailers need to think of ways to draw customers in without fostering such poor behavior. Not to put it all on them; people need to reconsider their values and priorities.


    • They really do! I am known to go to the classic Next sales every now and again if there is something in particular I’m after, I used to think people went mad for those! Best stay away from the shops this weekend just incase! šŸ™‚ x


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