November Purchases

In-between all of the Christmas shopping I always manage to sneak a few gifts in for myself. Of course keeping in line with my usual rule of buying things at a discounted price or secondhand, I managed to get a dress I had my eye on for a while at less than half price, some festive Christmas socks and a new pair of pumps at £3. Yes, £3.


Dress, F&F @ Tesco. Was £20 reduced to £10 in the sale and a surprise extra £25% off at the till. A bank pleasing £7.50! Should have used the Clubcard vouchers on this beauty.


Cute Christmas socks, New Look. 3 for £4 and 10% student discount makes them a worthwhile investment. They will be worn loads this month!


Pumps, Atmoshphere (Primark) purchased at half price for £3! These are a bit more interesting than my usual plain black pumps for dinners and nights out (I am not really a heel type of girl, being that I am 5″7)

Oh and this cute Disney reusable shopper bag from Tesco for just £1. I am very pleased.



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