Silky Skin with Dove

I never normally bother with body lotions, and body butters are a definite no-go area for me. They are heavy and oily and just not right for me.

However, last Christmas my sister bought me a Dove gift set with bath milk, soap and this body cream.


As I suffer from dry skin and occasionally my eczema likes to flare up, I thought it might be worth a try last year. I am so glad I bothered and didn’t pass this one on like I have done with other unwanted body lotions.

To start with, this product is a cream not a lotion which to me reflects the different in texture. It really is creamy and soft, so after a lovely bubble bath this is just silk on my skin.

I have noticed recently stretch marks appearing on my thighs, bum and hips and this is definitely due to lack of exercise and fat build up! So aside from working on being more active, I’ve made a conscious effort every morning and evening to apply this body cream in firm circular motions to my problem areas. I don’t know if it is the product that’s helping, or the fact I’m stimulating blood to the affected areas, but the marks are definitely less prominent than they were before and I haven’t noticed any new ones yet. So perhaps this is a good product for skin ageing!?

These retail at around £3.50 in most drugstores and it goes a very long way. I only use it in the colder months to keep my skin noticeably soft and nourished. I have loads left to take me through to the new year and possibly longer as long as it keeps.

Dove are a great brand and I absolutely love their bubble bath products. This Silky range is a must have through winter!


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