6 memorable books you should read

Reading is one of the cheapest and satisfying hobbies I have had from a young age. These are some books I can’t forget about and think every girl should read (or boy).

Jane Eyre
I was introduced to this book at quite a young age because of my higher reading ability. I’ve been hooked since and got to study it at A Level too which I am thankful for because without it I would have miserably failed studying Shakespeare!

Redeeming Love
I have no religious faith but I like to go to church sometimes just to learn more about what people devote their lives to and be in a sociable environment. This book really touched me and I’ve not forgotten it at all, I think I read it in a day or two. When I finished I realised it was written based on a story in the Bible which has also made it very memorable – my first Christian novel read!

I only read this book because I liked the bold black hardcover copy I found in my local library and had heard of the author. So pleased I picked this wildcard because it’s a well written book with a strong storyline. I’ve also watched the film adaptation and was equally drawn in so I recommend to watch that too.

The Reader
This book came into my life just think as I was leaving school, and I believe it was my first ‘grown- up’ book to read for pleasure. The film too is good but I do prefer the book as it leaves more imagination for the characters.

The Kite Runner
Amazing book. I felt emotionally stirred by this one, having studied it for A Level I’ve really got to understand it on so many new levels.

To Kill a Mockingbird
I studied this for my GCSES English coursework and I am so lucky to have had a great book to study and enjoy at the same time. This book is timeless and will always be a favourite of mine. The film is also heart touching so I recommend to watch that if you haven’t!


10 thoughts on “6 memorable books you should read

    • Its by Francine Rivers: It’s based on the story of Hosea, set in California. A broken girl has a string of bad experiences in life and was sold to prostitution as a child. She meets a respectable farmer who goes on to marry her and there are lots of difficult situations and events. A really well written book as most of hers are. A quick search on Google says this book is rated by many a 5/5! X


    • I actually have it on my list of books to read! There was a little snippet of it at the back of The Kite Runner and I already know it will be a great book. Thanks for reading my blog!! Always looking for new books to read πŸ™‚ x

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      • Yeah, I’ve heard great comments about the Kite Runner too so I’ll definitely look into your list and browse in libraries haha and no problem, you have a really lovely blog ^^ x


  1. I love To Kill a Mockingbird. Everybody in my class hated it, and I was chapters ahead of the assigned reading. I’ve not read the kite runner, but I’ve heard a lot of good things about it. I’ve not seen the movie either because I’m waiting to read first.


    • It’s a shame, people in my class also hated it and have never given it a second chance. I would definitely read the book before watching the movie, it’s so much more emotive. I like to read before watching, so I have a very long list of films waiting to be watched after the books have been read!! Thank you for visiting my blog πŸ™‚

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