First Impressions on The Body Shop ‘Vitamin E’ Range

This week I am introducing my very dehydrated, tired and neglected skin to a bit of a pamper with the Body Shop Vitamin E range.  I purchased a travel size gift set to give the products a go over a period of time before committing to a more pricey purchase!

Starting with the Hydrating Toner, this product was much more oily than I expected compared to my usual Seaweed toner. It is alcohol free, so so far it hasn’t affected my sensitive skin. Once I had gently rubbed this over my face I felt refreshed and the subtle scent is lovely. It kind of reminds me of Johnson’s Baby Lotion!

I’ve been using the Moisture Cream which is creamy in texture and again smells lovely.  It was smooth to apply and left my face feeling smooth and well moisturized yet a bit stodgy to touch. I am giving this one a little more time because I think I put a bit too much on, a small amount goes a long way and since starting using this product I have adapted the way I apply it. I now dab tiny dots around my face and slowly rub in in circular motions. This worked much better!  Normally my skin gets oily during the day, even with the Seaweed matte day cream, and with this moisturizer I didn’t notice my skin being any more oily than usual. Nothing a bit of powder couldn’t sort.

At night I have applied the toner and followed on with the Nourishing Night Cream. This is very thick in texture and I can imagine on a hot summers night this is not what you want to be on your face. But while it’s cold it felt like my skin wasn’t going to dry out during the night and I went to sleep feeling quite pampered! Again, I will give this more time and repost an updated review on this product.

Of course beauty products are much more appealing when they are packaged nicely. I love The Body Shop packaging because it is simple and uniformed. It is not filled with pointless pictures or taglines which make you feel like you are buying a personality not a product.  The Vitamin E range is in a lovely soft rose pink colour and I love pink so this is great!

One thing that is driving me crazy, is the day and night creams. The night cream has a pink lid, whilst the day cream has a black one. For me, this should definitely be the other way round, because black is just associated with darkness and nighttime right?

Aside from that, so far I am pretty pleased with these products and if they continue to please me, I will be adding them to my winter skincare routine. Thank you Body Shop!


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