If You Can Walk, You Can Work Out

Such a simple and effective way to feel mentally and physically better. I might try a ‘ditch the car’ week and make my way around by foot. Can’t do much harm feeling the cold a little bit or getting wet by rain?!

Kim Berube: Next Level Grow

If you haven’t heard the term ‘sitting disease’ you may be living under a rock.

Or if you haven’t heard the most recent statistics on diabetes, (60,000 new cases a year in Canada) the obesity epidemic and even diabesity (yep, that’s a real word), you might just be an ostrich who prefers to live with your head in the sand.

Diabetes (a significant number of Type 2 cases) and diabesity and obesity can be reversed and completely cured with diet and exercise. I am always astounded that the general population buys into Canada’s Food Guide as the healthy eating bible, doesn’t want to hear about GMO’s and hybrid grains and produce and thinks that fat can be melted off with pills and herbs and supplements.

Even if you’re one of the lucky ones who bio-markers don’t show numbers that lead to metabolic diseases, and aside from the medical risk factors, a…

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