We exist without photos!

This weekend a few people I know saw Passenger at Brighton and my social media feeds were full of blurry pictures and awkward sounding videos of the gig.

This annoys me so much as you pay to go and enjoy the music but actually you stand there with your arms dead still trying to capture the moment.

And in these pictures and videos you see a whole room of little white square screens all focusing on the stage and not moving to enjoy the music.

When it comes to music I think phones should be banned – just like the theatre and cinemas although I know this would be ridiculously hard to follow through what with most venues being huge!

We do not need to tag a status or write a post with a picture to prove that we went or to show others we had a good time. What I like about bloggers is they still find words to explain and tell stories about their lives.

Are we going to face a speechless generation in the near future??


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