Nails Inc Freebies

I am not a great collector of make up and I tend to stick to a very low budget when it comes to the contents of my make up bag. When Glamour Magazine bring out their Nails Inc freebies I can’t help but go out and buy a couple of magazines. It’s £2 for a 10ml bottle and a magazine, in Boots this size bottle retails at £11!

So last year I bagged a lovely deep Burgundy Red colour called ‘Piccadilly Circus’ and a lovely soft Brown/ Taupe shade called ‘Jermyne Street’. Both of these nail polishes have been used all year round for me and have just reached below the half way mark. I had no hesitations in purchasing two magazines to bag two new replacement colours.

I went for ‘Maylebone Mews’ which is very similar to Jermyne Street, but has more of a lilac hue, and ‘Hanover Square’ which almost a dark ox-blood red.

My nails are always coated with colour and so for me nail polish is always a great investment. For some reason I tend to stick to the cheaper brands, as I haven’t found the quality to be much different. However, Nails Inc have really impressed me with the colours, coverage and finish. The polish itself is quite thin which I like, because it means I can use less on my nails and make it go further. Second coats are a dream too as there is no clumping or smudging!

I recommend these nail polishes and if you can, grab a December issue of Glamour and bag your full size freebie colour!



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