Pump it Up!

I’ve been using the Tresemmé hear defence spray for years now and after running out I made a quick cheap replacement purchase for the summer. I used Tesco curl defining heat defence spray which smells lovely and really boosted the beach waves look all summer long.

I keep meaning to try new products to see if there are any better suited to my already thick hair. I wanted to poof it up a bit and not weigh the natural curls and waves. I didn’t want shiny or too soft to touch hair as I like texture when it’s in an up-do.

This VO5 Pump it up spray describes itself as ‘volume & thickness with natural bounce’ – first box ticked. It said it would do what I wanted it to do!

In Tesco this was in part of a two for £5 offer so I bought some more hairspray making this just £2.50 – box two ticked.

I’ve tried it for a while now and the bottle appears to be never ending! Because it has a very watery texture it has good coverage on your hair. I like the clear packaging because I can see how much I have left and how much usage I can get for my money. This is something I didn’t get with the Tresemmé spray.

I officially tick box three as its defined my natural bounce, given me texture, extra thickness and has a lovely smell.

Excuse the tired eyes, it’s been a stressful week!


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