2015 Clear Out

Each year I like to make realistic New Years resolutions, they tend to be ‘drink more water’ and ‘save more money’. At the end of 2013 I had high hopes for this year and genuinely believed it would be one of my best years yet. I had plans to save money to move out, to successfully finish my first year of Univeristy, build those incredible unbreakable friendships and generally hoped to be living a much healthier and happier lifestyle.

2014 has been the most challenging and life lesson-filled so far! Without listing all of the negatives I have really learnt to self reflect which so important for personal growth and development. I feel more aware of who I am as an individual, what I stand for and believe in, what I want in life and more importantly what and who I want in my life.

A lot of this year I have spent being in low places where I have had no money, being in debt and have suffered breakdowns of relationships with people I spent a lot of time trying to impress. Now I am at a place where I have ‘matured’ (ha ha) and recognise that possessions or recognition on social media doesn’t determine who I am or my self worth. People who don’t return my calls or texts are not worth getting upset over!

2015 will be the year I take a step back and create a lifestyle of selective and quality possessions and friendships. To help me stick to this and reflect on my lifestyle adaptation I will be posting little updates on my clear outs which hopefully will inspire some of my readers to also downsize and really live a life that’s meaningful and positive to them!


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