Clear-Out: Dresses

Dresses have become a wardrobe staple for me. I love the ease of throwing on one item which can be worn with or without tights and leggings and layering up with a cardigan. As for nights out and special occasions it’s a given that I will be in a dress. I currently own 46 dresses (47 if you count my prom dress). Oh my goodness. That’s so much more than I need?! I am not even the type to feel a need to buy a new outfit for every occasion.


Dress Analysis:
10 dresses are yet to be worn by me and 7 dresses have only been worn once. 15 dresses were purchased secondhand and 10 were purchased at sale prices. The rest were either gifts or purchased with a minimum of 10% student discount off! So it looks like the majority of my dress collection has been cheap and environmentally friendly. There is a lot of blue and flowery patterns.

Anything I haven’t picked up to wear in the past year and know I won’t in the future year is going. This includes the dresses I purchased with future fancy dress parties in mind. They never happen and when they do I never go for what I already have I like to be creative! – 7 dresses

Now anything that doesn’t fit. If I can’t zip it up, it creates bulges around my arm holes or I can’t breath in it, it’s going. If it’s stretched so much to become see through its too tight! If it’s too baggy and needs safety pins in all areas it doesn’t fit! It has to go. – 3 dresses two of these dresses were tough to part with because I love them but they’re size 8. I mean come on. They will soon be replaced with a suitable size 10.

Dresses that don’t fit include dresses that are too short. Turning 22 really reminded me that I have dignity I would like to continue holding on to. I never really wore many short tight skirts and dresses I always liked to be a bit more covered. I remember one party I went to, my first night out to Brighton for a friends 18th and I hadn’t really been out much myself so didn’t have ‘clubbing attire’. I wore a cute floral dress (Primark number purchased on eBay of course) with a more revealing neckline I was used to. It was a tea dress type so in the wind blew up a bit which makes me self-conscious. Paired with some heels I felt like my dress was quite short so I asked a friend and she laughed in my face and said it was too long and not short enough. Wow!

Looking back though I am glad I made this decision to dress with my personality. I didn’t spend the night flashing my knickers and bum to Brighton. Nor did I stand with my hands constantly pulling down my skirt to where is a suitable length. Little things! Anyway, if when I sit down I’m not sitting on my dress it’s going. That’s not a dress it’s a tunic that needs to be worn with leggings! -1 more dress

When there is nothing left to wear dresses. The cheap worn looking ones that only come out for show around the house when the rest of the washing is being done and the types of dresses you really don’t mind wearing to bed as a new pair of pyjamas. These for me are the Primark £5 dresses purchased impulsively because I really need clothes to wear with my leggings. Stupid idea to keep them all because I won’t do my laundry! – 2 dresses

The anomalies. There are always items you’ve purchased that just don’t dress well with much. If you can’t make at least two outfits with a dress either by dressing with different colours, accessories or jewellery why have it? No one likes a one trick pony. – 2 dresses

So in total 15 dresses have been banished! It feels refreshingly good! I try not to think of the worth of the dresses despite needing money. All will be donated except one which is eBay worthy to get back some pennies. Some things you just give to Charity because you know someone will love the bargain!

My new dress wardrobe consists of 20 hanging dresses and 11 in summer storage. Still a high number but not as much as when I started. I have spare coat hangers now too!


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