Clear-Out: Outerwear

Once upon a time I owned well over 10 coats and jackets. These all got sold on or donated to Charity and I’ve become a lot more savvy with my outerwear purchases. I try to think about what I need the coats for and how often I will wear it. My past years purchases for me have been spot on and I haven’t felt a great need to purchase new coats.

Before writing this I had 9 coats but I’ve narrowed it down to only 5. One for each peg on my over- door hanger! Picking the right one to wear should be easier now. I own a nice thick Parker coat perfect for working in school and for general everyday use. It’s a nice shade of green so it goes well with all of my outfits. For smarter occasions I have a grey and black speckled duffle pea coat with a hood from Asda. For days when I need a warm coat but also want to look smart I have a navy blue duffel coat from a Topshop. It’s well fitted and compliments my wardrobe. My most recent addition is a Parker/trench coat from FatFace which I love. I’ve been looking for one with a hood to replace an old coat which no longer fit. Job done! The final coat is a Peter Storm waterproof jacket passed on from my mum. It’s one to stay in the car for those times I’m caught out by the weather!



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