Clear-Out: Welcome to my wardrobe

I have a half length build in wardrobe, a classic floordrobe and a very well stacked chairdrobe. My clothes overtake my room, mainly because of lack of suitable storage solutions in my small living space (my bedroom).

Clothes are kind of a hobby/habit for me. I’m far from fashionable but I like to buy new pieces to add to my collection! Dresses in particular have been a weakness for me since I started earning money after leaving school. So my 2015 Clear-Out is kicking off with tacking this space and money hogging clothes obsession!

Firstly I would like to show a tiny snippet of my wardrobe and what clutter I’m working with. It’s not the worst but it definitely gets in my way and adds so many dramas to my life at unnecessary times like the melt downs and diva strips about not having anything to wear and hating my life for it which somehow is my boyfriends fault (hehe).




I’ve firstly established I have a lot of dresses, too many unworn tops, so many cardigans and I like wearing navy blue and various shades of plum purples and reds. I’ve counted well over 250 items in my wardrobe alone, without opening the summer storage boxes or the overfilled washing pile which currently can’t live in my room as its so big so sits outside my door. I wouldn’t say the aim is to become an owner of a capsule wardrobe created of 10 interchangeable pieces in all shades of beige. I just want to clear oddball items and try to cut out the copy and paste items!

My first tackle is going to be the dresses. These account for over half of my wardrobe and can cause dilemmas when dressing for nights out and special occasions. I will be posting a series of Clear-Out posts to keep myself motivated and to reflect on how effective I have been with my new ruthless attitude! Hopefully it will guide some of those who may be reading looking for some inspiration.

I imagine this to go a little bit like Carrie’s clear out


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