Clear-Out: Jumpers and Cardigans

As part of my 2015 Clear-Out I am tacking my wardrobe. I have already shifted a huge amount of dresses and the next step is to declutter the cardigans and jumpers I own!

I love chunkier styles for the winter and thinner types for summer. It’s hard to get a good balance of colours and thicknesses to suit all year round without collecting loads but I am determined to pick a few out to donate to charity.


Jumper and Cardigan analysis:
I have 24 cardigans and jumpers. That’s almost one for everyday of December! Jumpers don’t need to be washed as frequently as other items of clothing as they are an additional layer. Mine are washed just to create space in my wardrobe for the other bits that need to go away so I need to be a bit ruthless. Hard when you love cosy clothes!

Cardigans are great because they can be worn with pretty much anything you like. If they’re plain they can be a great way to bring out a different colour in a scarf or patterned top. For me I had a need to own a cardigan in every colour just incase. I’ve looked at my already sorted dress collection to get an idea of what cardigans go with what dresses and I’ve managed to pull out some that just don’t go with anything. I also noticed I had a few black cardigans hanging around, not necessary. – 3 cardigans

Some bits are just unflattering and can totally ruin a nice dress. The ones that are ill fitted have to go! -1 cardigan and 1 jumper

I don’t wear hoodies. I love jumpers but hood really irritate me and I find most are really unflattering fits. I don’t go to the gym or need a hoodie so why I have two in my wardrobe I don’t know. – 2 hoodies

This is a tricky part of the wardrobe to clear out during the winter months but at the same time it’s the best way to see what you’re wearing and what’s not doing it for you anymore. I’ve kept two Christmas cosy layers because Christmas happens yearly and it doesn’t hurt to reuse them for however many years! Still, I’ve shifted 7 cardigans and jumpers leaving a healthier 17 hanging.



2 thoughts on “Clear-Out: Jumpers and Cardigans

  1. Do you find that you need clothes for the “in between seasons” as well? Where I live, there’s winter and summer; then there’s winter into spring and summer into fall. Each needs different clothes.


    • I think because I’m so used to layering up I just add or take away the extra scarves and cardigans! my wardrobe is quite flexible for all year round so I don’t really notice the change in seasons. But I do have seperate summer and winter pieces like coats and shorts!! Thanks for reading 🙂


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