Clear-Out: Tops

The more I declutter the more open minded I feel and I am finding new outfit combinations I hadn’t really thought about! My 2015 Clear-Out is definitely looking hopeful. With all of the clearing out of clothes I hope I can eliminate the need to buy more clothes which serve no purpose in my life.


Top Analysis:

I considered myself not to have many tops but I’ve counted a whopping 34. It’s funny because I rarely wear tops with skirts or trousers, I normally like a vest top for an added layer under a dress! So to have this many comes as a shock. What do I wear them all with?! When do I wear them! I’ve counted 7 vest tops all black and white except from two.

The best place to start for me is all of those vest tops and plain basic tops that I only really wear once a month. If you’re going to wear a top you might as well wear one that is flattering and has something unique about it. Primark is great for basics but I don’t need half of my top collection to be taken up with ‘Basic Tee’ tops. -7 tops

Next to get of the odd tops which do not compliment anything else I own. The types that I need to go and buy more clothes to make it match something. -1


Clearing out the tops was harder than I realised. A lot are part of my working wardrobe! This highlights the issue of not owning enough ‘bottoms’. They’re on my list for the next clear out post so more of that another day. The total top clear out is 8. That’s cleared quite a lot of the non-hanging space which is good.


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