Clear-Out: Bottoms

So I’ve cleared out the dresses, cardigans and jumpers and tops in my wardrobe. The next task on my 2015 Clear-Out list is to sort through the bottoms.

I have mentioned in previous posts that I live in dresses and leggings or tights. I recently donated my jeans to charity as I have Jeggings which were more welcomed into my wardrobe. Aside from these pieces trousers are quite absent from my outfits.


Bottoms analysis:
I have counted 5 pairs of leggings, suitable for the amount of dresses I wear. Three pairs of jeggings, one pair are black and are slowly becoming a favourite of mine to wear. I have a few pairs of yoga pants and the popular viscose joggers which always shrink in the wash! There are a lot of summer shorts too, living at the seaside is breezy so dressed aren’t so popular in summer! A total of 22 choices of what to wear on my legs. Wow.

I like my black leggings but I really do not need the one brown pair I purchased in the Next sale two years ago. I’ve always tried to find bits to go with them but I have finally decided I don’t like and don’t want them. Dilemma sorted! – 1 leggings

Sportswear is definitely not my thing. Time to get rid of those because I’ll buy some when I’m ready to commit to some exercise! January sales will be a fun time for me to replace all of these odd bits that no longer fit or unsuitable. -4 sportswear bottoms

My Jeggings aren’t the best fitting since I lost a bit of weight but they’re wearable still. I found some green jeans which go with lots but they go baggy really quickly so I tend to only wear them around the house. Time to go!! – 1 pair of jeans

Admittedly I had a clear out of my summer shorts this summer and I only purchased a new pair of denim ones. So that area is left untouched. I only have 5 pairs of shorts which will be in summer storage so it’s all good. That’s 6 bottoms gone, leaving me with a choice of 16. 12 if you don’t count the black leggings!


I’m not sure if the clear out is becoming a success or setting me up for a big shopping spree in the sales. I am determined to keep cutting back and build a smaller wardrobe over 2015. The next mission will be skirts!


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