Clear-Out: Skirts

If you haven’t seen my previous posts I have committed to a New Years resolution of having a 2015 clear out and creating a minimalistic lifestyle. I hold onto lots of clothes and possessions I no longer need – not that I ever really needed them in the first place. I have so far cleared out my dresses, jumpers and cardigans, tops and bottoms. Now it’s time to sort through the skirts!

Skirt analysis:
I only have 12, so not as many as my dress collection started off as. Still 12 is 12 more than I wear on a regular basis! A few are too small for me and I’ve held on in the hope I would loose some of the hips but this is virtually possible for a McDonalds lover and sofa Sloth. They are pretty much all patterned, most are a lined or skater styled. I wear all of them high waisted. Two are new with tags.

Clothes that have tags on in your wardrobe have the tag on for a reason. You have no reason to wear it now or you’re saving it for a future event. Or it was a bargain and you needed it to sit in your look and don’t wear wardrobe. I’ve held onto two skirts from Topshop both new with tags and for two years now they haven’t managed to be worn. They’re gone now. – 2 skirts

I love maxi skirts but I never find the right opportunity to wear mine – it’s bright pink. A charity shop find I couldn’t walk away from but a whole summer passed and I couldn’t pair it with much. – 1 skirt

I couldn’t part with anymore because I love wearing them for lunch and dinner dates during winter with tights or leggings. A couple I wore last Christmas and I will see if they make the cut this year too. If not I will return and donate!

So a weaker finish to my wardrobe clear out with only 3 skirts being pushed away. This will happen some more I am sure of it. The next clear out will be a quick one, outerwear.



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