Clear-Out: Bags

After successfully clearing out my wardrobe to create more space and begin a year of a lifestyle with less mess, I have moved onto the big bag collection. Since I can remember I have loved bags. They’re always a necessity to me to carry my belongings to each destination and I love that they come in different styles and colours. Bags would be my favourite accessory.

Despite my love for them, I have a habit of buying lots of budget bags which don’t stand out in the way I would like them too. I really would like to spend a bit more money on a special well built bag but right now that won’t happen. Instead I am left with half of my under bed storage cramped with shoppers and bags I’ve collected and neglected over the years.

I own a shocking 28. Although six of those are cute shopper bags and are good for the environment when I go to the shops. A lot of my bags I could live without but I just can’t bear to part with them. This might be because they’re unavailable in shops and it’s hard to find a bag you like secondhand that isn’t already worn to the ground. As long as they fit in their designated drawer without being squashed that’s the aim.

Within a quick 10 minute impulse clear out I’ve shifted 8 bags altogether! It feels great because it eliminates my problem of having bags propped around my room with other bags inside or junk. There is less opportunity to hide things in things now. There are also a couple of bags in mind for when I next upload some bits to eBay.


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