Clear-Out: Shoes

We wear shoes daily and some people spend hundreds on their footwear. The most expensive I have is my two pairs of Ugg boots and I believe they have been a great investment! Purchased with 20% student discount no one can argue. Still I have so many pairs of shoes and in particular heels that I don’t wear! I need more room and some shoes need to step (ha) aside!

Shoe analysis:

There are 22 pairs of footwear comfortably snoozing at the bottom of my wardrobe. All different styles, a majority are flat sandals. I own a lot of black pairs and just three pairs of boots!

Heels are not my favourite shoe type. Unlike most other girls I find a lot of heels tacky looking and a waste of money. I prefer a mid-heel that I can walk in without looking like a chicken and I don’t need platform heels to make my legs look longer because they’re long enough without them. I don’t want a perkier bum in heels either, I want a perkier bum in my bare feet. -2 x high heels

Sandals are great for summer and love having a variety. Ones that cause my feet trouble such as blisters and sore heels need to go. – 2 sandals

I recently cleared out my shoes and can’t really let go of more as so,e are part of my work wardrobe. But two pairs of heels and two sandals is a start and makes a difference to the space! All my shoes can neatly be tidied away in boxes and not clutter my floor anymore.

With my actual wardrobe successfully cleared out I have managed to really see what I own and where all of my money has been going! 2015 should be a less expensive year when it comes to clothes shopping. Before 2016 I Wil have to reflect on my wardrobe and see what’s changed!


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