Everyday is a New Year

Growing up I enjoyed going to big family parties for New Years Eve and it really was a special occasion to get all dressed up in sparkles. When the parties stopped being hosted, I missed them and really wanted to keep staying up until midnight to see in the New Year with my family, so I have done until this year.

2014 has made me question why we even celebrate the New Year like we do. The shops bombard me with emails about discounts for the all important occasion, the media put pressure on society to drink and party. Glitter and sparkles apparently are acceptable by anyone not just 5 year olds (I personally am not afraid of glitter on a daily basis) and we all say “Happy New Year!” with a smile on our faces ignorant to the rest of the world who have no company, shelter or food to share such a night with.

New Years resolutions are made – mine being to live a more minimalistic lifestyle, and there is a pressure to pick a good one and receive praise or support for it throughout the next year. We make them in an attempt to make ourselves better people or to make a difference to the world but why do we only choose to do it on one day a year? Everyday is a new year to me. Each time I look at my diary I am reminded that every day is a new day in the year. The last and first day of a year are not significant at all when you take away the parties.

If you don’t want to celebrate or have nothing to celebrate why do other perceive us as boring? It’s a horrible feeling when you’re not feeling yourself to have a pressure to live up to other people’s expectations. This year has been full of life lessons and not particularly one I would want to celebrate so I’ve decided to keep it low key and just spend some quality time with my boyfriend. I’ve ignored comments from others around me and I look forward to just living my life on a day by day basis rather than building up pressure to ‘significant’ events throughout the year.

I hope everyone has a better, more reflective, safer and positive year of 2015 and every year thereafter!


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