Cinnamon Apples

I’m not the greatest fan of cinnamon tasting things but after making my Ginger and Cinnamon biscuits and quite liking the subtle hint, I thought I’d tick off something I have wanted to do for a while!

I had no recipe for this, I just picked two red apples from the fruit bowl and the cinnamon spice from the cupboard. Using common sense I tried to cut the apples finely to look like pre-cooked crips, including the core. I didn’t have a clue how to remove the core without a core remover so it stayed in!


After finely chopping I just sprinkled cinnamon all over them, placed on a grease proof paper lined tray and popped into the oven on gas mark 5. I kept checking to see if they were drying out and flipping them over, some were a crispy on the outside but still like cooked fruit on the inside but they still tasted good!

I love the stars in the middle, so pretty!


I think they could have been more finely chopped with a suitable Apple slicer (we own but I didn’t think to use at the time) and this would have given them a better crisp texture. Red apples aren’t the normal to cook with so next time I’ll swap for big juicy green ones! I didn’t see a need to use oil but actually that adds a great crunch to roast potatoes so it might help frazzle the crisps a bit more. Overall they looked the part and tasted good it was just the texture that didn’t really leave them defined as a crisp!! Any tips would be appreciated.



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