Life Lessons Learnt in 2014.

There have been lots of life lessons learnt in 2014, these ones stood out the most! Check out Oh No Not Another Blogger for talented writing on various topics!

Oh No, Not Another Blogger

lessons learnt

If I could meet the future me, I would love to know what lessons I have yet to learn in 2015; however, I guess it’s all part of the fun: to live and experience the right and wrong choices and set yourself up as much as you can for the year ahead.
For me, 2014 has been full of cliche life lessons and in 2015, I plan to remind myself, on a daily basis, of my new found knowledge:

Social media doesn’t define what your life is – the number of followers, likes, favourites, retweets or friend requests you have is definitely not a way to gauge how appreciated you are. Our social media lives are moulded to show what we are happy to share with others. Pictures are filtered and un-tagged when they don’t reflect the person we want to be seen as.
2014 has been the year of the…

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