Syrup Loaf

After the success of my Banana Bread I felt encouraged to make a syrup sponge cake/ loaf. With lots of syrup and sugar this turned out quite a hit with the family and the burnt top was quickly over looked.

225g self-raising flour
220g butter
225g sugar
3 eggs or an amount equivalent or near to 225g
4 tbsp golden syrup
A splash of milk!


I never really follow set recipes, I tend to just read how other people make their tasty treats and take the bits I like and alter to suit my own baking preferences. The ingredients are nothing fancy just things I already had in the cupboard. As you can see a splash of milk is vague because whenever I follow a recipe to the word, the moment I add the milk it just turns to slush or it’s too dry still and I feel like I can’t add anymore! So using initiative helps when baking and going off course can lead to great results.

So I just threw the sugar and flour into a plastic mixing bowl, no sieve! Cut some butter and mash it in with a wooden spoon. Crack the eggs. Add the syrup. Stir with wooden spoon. I added a big drizzle of syrup too which was beautiful to look at! A splash of milk added whilst stirring.


After about 8 minutes of stirring by hand (I don’t like the electric whisk) my mixture was ready to go! I made too much to fit into my cake tin and I have only got the one. So instead of throwing mixture away I filled the tin up (recipe for baking disaster). Carefully put on the top shelf of the oven which by the way was preheated at gas mark 4. Recommended cooking time is until you see a nice rise and slight browning on top.

If in doubt stick a knife in and out. If it’s clear you can cheer!
– my baking jingle.


I knew the tin was too full but I got lucky and the middle cooked with only a slight crisp layer on top. Finally I drizzled more syrup over the warm top and let it sink in. I ate this warm and it was divine, I at this cold and it was also divine. I think I just like sweet syrup cake and was thankful it cooked.

2015 will see a lot more adventurous baking from me as it’s so therapeutic and a great hobby to have.


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