Baby Powder vs Batiste

Dry shampoo has been a hair saver for many ladies over the years. It allowed us to refresh our hair and give it more ‘oomph’ when we don’t want to go through the lengthy process of washing and drying our locks. It’s a great product to own if you’re lazy like me and in the morning would prefer an extra hour in bed over freshly washed hair for school or work!

For a couple of months I haven’t purchased any new dry shampoo as I’m trialling Johnson’s Baby Powder as an alternative. I remember using it once before school when my hair was unwearable and I had got up too late to wash and dry it. I had no dry shampoo so I raided the house to find something that would be a good alternative. The baby powder made my hair go grey and although it wasn’t greasy any longer it did age me 40 years!

This time round I am trying to apply it differently. Having dark brown hair, dry shampoo sometimes shows up if I spray it too close and if I put too much on in one area. Taking this I’ve learnt that baby powder works equally as well if you pour a small amount into your hands and clap above your head. This might work well with a towel wrapped around you or in the bath so you don’t powder all of your lovely clothes! Then gently massage it in.

The other method that works for me is to pour the powder onto a paddle brush and simply brush through. This is better for adding texture to the bottom of your hair rather than de-greasing. It’s helped puff my natural curls and I noticed when I use kirby grips they hold much better!

If you haven’t already tried baby powder in your hair I recommend you do! You can get a small bottle which goes a very long way for as little as 97p in some saver shops. Much more cost effective than Batiste. For a little bit more effort it can be worth it.

Johnson’s baby range, although designed for babies, is actually really good for your skin. It’s kind to sensitive skin, alcohol free and leaves you feeling as soft as a baby’s bottom. The baby powder is not only great for your hair but it really helps dry off your skin after a hot bath or shower, it’s a softer way than rubbing or patting a towel over your body. I also noticed when I have irritated legs from shaving or having the water too hot it calms the itch down!

If you’re looking to cut your beauty spending or just want your money to go further it can’t hurt to try this alternative.


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