A week of Crochet

This year I will be challenging myself to pick up a skill in Crochet and the weekend seemed like a hood time to get started and make the commitment!

I splashed out on a 4mm hook, three yarn balls and a great beginners book with simple to follow instructions along with a few starter projects.


Day 1 was a bit overwhelming and at times super stressful. I really struggled to hold the yarn and understand how to balance, hook and count the stitches. I managed to make the foundation chain but starting a first row of slip stitches was difficult. I unravelled all of my progress out of frustration a couple of times!

Day 2 I did the same but noticed the mistakes I had made and spent some more time reading the theory behind Crochet and learning the technical lingo.

Day 3 I tried again and got to grips of a Double Crochet which I found out from my reading is the easiest stitch to learn!

Day 4 was a much more successful day. I found it really enjoyable and much less stressful creating rows of double stitches as part of my working progress swatch.

By day 5 I realised this could be an addictive hobby but life got in the way and I had to take a little break and after a week I have got to grips with a double crochet stitch!


My first dc stitch swatch

The next step will be learning to count the stitches properly and sort the wobbly tension. Then I might venture onto working a new stitch into rows.


2 thoughts on “A week of Crochet

    • Thank you! Today I just realised my double crochet stitches may be tweed stitches instead! So difficult to see where the hook is poking through. I just go with the flow!


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