The Body Shop Deep Sleep Dreamy Body Mist

A good nights sleep is crucial for our bodies to recooperate.  Sometimes we get too much and sometimes we don’t get enough sleep. We should learn to be aware that our bodies and minds respond and react to our sleeping habits.

Stress and worries have been leaving me wide awake until as late (or early) as 7am. Wanting to avoid falling into the sleeping tablet habit a spray seemed like a good (but pricier) alternative.


On first looks in the shop I though it was small, smelly and dark. But this kind of made me feel like it was appropriate for nighttime! It is aromatic and although strong it isn’t harsh on your nose or overwhelming.

It is desribed as a body mist however I have been using it as a pillow spray. One spritz is enough as during the might the scent is released by movement. It may be psychological hut when I spray it I automatically feel a bit more sleepy and relaxed. This could be because of the oils (I am no expert), or it could be because I am finding myself with a new bedtime routine.

After just over a weeks usage I have found myself sleeping much better and I have not been waking up in the night. I feel relaxed and refreshed in the morning as a consequence.

The smell has’t overpowered my small bedroom which I am glad about. I do my university work in my bedroom so I do not need a further reason to be falling asleep at my desk!

The Body Shop Deep Sleep Dreamy Body Mist retails at £10 but you shouldn’t let this get in the way of a worthwhile purchase! It seems a lot but as usual The Body Shop make their products stretch a far way and I know this will keep me going and I feel more confident about my ability to get a good sleep at night.


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