Button Bear

It’s been nearly three weeks since I braved the hook and yarn. There has been a lot of frowning involved and sighs if relief when I thought I had gone wrong but I hadn’t and more importantly I have not given up on this new craft challenge!

I started out slowely with Crochet just learning the basic double crochet stitch and coming to an undertanding of the technical lingo involved when reading patterns. After successfully making a little crochet swatch I felt I needed to dive into a proper mini project and complete something worth looking at.

My new book A Little Course in Crochet has become my crochet Bible and I have to give it credit for my new masterpiece. It has great step by step instructions with the much needed help of labelled images. The book is split into three part; part 1 is supposed to be the easier stitches and projects and part 3 is the more challenging end of the book with projects using more than one learnt skill. I of course had to pick my first project on the penultimate page of the book, a cute little stuffed toy teddy.


I dove straight into this project thinking there is no loss at trying! Luckily I did something right and ended up with a completed teddy. I desperetely wanted to show him off to friends and family so I had to make do with buttons for eyes but these will soon be replaced with softer black yarn. He can keep his nose as that played a big part in his naming – Button Bear (credit to my sister!)

This took me around 7 hours to complete and barely touched my yarn and toy stuffing so I would guess £2 it cost if that to make, and with lots of the materials left I know this hobby will be financially worth it!

Since making Button Bear I have made a few other crochet stuffed toys using different patterns, which will make an appearance here and on my Instagram very shortly!


3 thoughts on “Button Bear

    • Thank you! I’m really enjoying crochet. I can’t knit but apparently it’s great for knitters to learn as you have the finger work and crochet you can release a hand so perfect for stopping and picking up whenever you want. 🙂


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