Getting into the zone

I recently attended a stress awareness workshop which has really helped me to understand how stress affects me personally and ways to prevent and fight those horrible feelings!

One point the lecturer made is about taking a few minutes a day to get into ‘the zone’ doing something that distracts your body and mind from the everyday routines. I love yoga and pilates as a way of unwinding however I can’t always motivate myself to do this or find the spare money to attend a class. So as well as trying new crafts like crochet, or reading a good book, Suduko is a great way to challenge your mind and get into that bubble mind.

I think it’s really important to vary thr thingd you do to help you relax otherwise your little free time activities can soon become a new comfortable habit where stresses can still reach you.

Numbers are not my strongest point however Suduko comes in many levels and it’s addictive as well as rewarding when you realise the patterns and skills used to complete the puzzle!



3 thoughts on “Getting into the zone

  1. I always used to do Sudoku’s! I really should start doing them again I loved the sense of achievement when I actually finished one! 🙂 xx


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