Nutella and Banana Loaf

Another big muffin type loaf cake. Filled with ripe bananas and Nutella, sweet and melt in your mouth goodness!

220g self raising flour
220g caster suger
220g butter
3 medium eggs or equivelant to 220g
Splash of milk
2 mushed bananas
3 tablespoons Nutella or any chocolate spread.

Literally throw it all in a bowl and mix mix mix! It helps to mix the banana and Nutella in at the end as the mixture will be soft and whippy.


Bake in a loaf tin and try to avoid over filling which is something I have a real problem with. My solution would be buy a bigger tin or bake two loafs in one sitting!

The best thing about waiting for it to bake of course is the spoon licking. Something I have always loved since a young age, no wastage here!


Excuse the bare face and tired eyes!

As you can see this loaf was soo full and continued to rise, so much so I had to move the oven tray half bake because it had reached the top shelf!



Despite all of the sugar and Nutella, it still tastes like a healthy bake due to the chunks of banana! You could leave the sugar out of the mixture and just use Nutella if you want to be a bit healthier.

Served warm with a layer of Nutella. Yum.


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