Friends will be friends

The company we keep on a daily basis can really influence who we grow to be as individuals, as much as we deny this! We change to accommodate people and naturally pick up different traits and interests as a result of hanging around people. Sometimes it’s great but a lot of times it can also be really damaging and we can loose our own self identity.

This happened to me and I now I am really selective with who I share my life with and I have a new friend recruiting strategy…

– If I initiate every conversation and meet up, we are not friends. One sided relationships never ever work out!

– If our meet ups always involve alcohol and you can’t hold a sober conversation with me then you are using me or you have a drink problem.

– If significant people in my life have worries and doubts about you, they probably are right. Sometimes people on the outside of relationships and friendships can see things more clearly and to the point.

– If you are a negative person, no matter how lovely you can be, I just can’t spend too much time around you!

It seems blunt and a bit black and white, but since having anxiety and depression I have really learnt who my real friends are. Those who genuinely cared and still care even when the troubles seem to be distant and overcome.

I have met some really lovely people recently after starting a new job and on my university course, and some of these people are so genuine, kind and loving that I know I want them to be in my life. It’s really made me realise that we can get so comfortable with our lives and not seek to change the people around us to put us in a better place!


3 thoughts on “Friends will be friends

      • Yeah…
        All relationships, friendships, should be mutual… if the other person’s not putting in the effort, they probably, most likely don’t care.. and those are the ‘friendships’ we should let go of..
        The sad truth…


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