A tide of Blue

When it comes to politics I absolutely hate how people judge others and make those indirect statuses or tweets to people who have an alternative point of view.

All of a sudden all of my friends appear to have some confidence that they know what is best for each individual in the UK! Whilst many others are looking at what has happened in the past affect their mindset of what could happen in the future.

People are looking for parties to trip up and fail them. Britain is known for having a negative vibe and attitude towards life. We don’t embrace the opportunities enough or create a united front and back all of the very brave and passionate candidates.

We should be accepting the vote because that is what democracy is and this is how it works. Parties win for a reason and it’s time we stand up and suck it up. Here is to the next 5 years under a Conservative government and lets hope that we can be supportive and at least try and adopt to the changes forthcoming.

If anyone thinks I am taking this stance because I voted Conservative you are wrong. You are also wrong if you think government won’t have serious implications for my future! The world of Education is starting to look a little bleaker.


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