Blueberry Muffins

blueberry muffins

Once I attempted to make muffins without muffin cases in a shallow cupcake baking tray…as you can probably guess that turned into a messy disaster with no muffins to show. I recently attempted again to make them as I love muffins and buying four for a pound is a bargain but not when you could make 12 a little extra at home!

I have a shallow cupcake baking tray as I haven’t ever thought to buy a muffin one if I know I can’t make muffins, SO I lined each little crater with a muffin case. Made the mixture, split it between the 12 and voila! I made blueberry muffins!

The major tip I think that helped this be a success was Mary Berry suggested the mixture shouldn’t be handled too much, maybe about twenty folds maximum by hand, it should still be fairly lumpy and runny. I put complete trust into that lady and did what she said, and she was so right. I must admit I did think I was being set up for a second disaster as runny lumpy mixtures aren’t usually what you aim for in a cake mixture!

A couple of faults with these were that I followed the fruit ratio to the gram, meaning I had big juicy blueberries overpowering my muffins, although they didn’t bleed too much, there were just too many in a mouthful, so next time I will half the amount I fold in. I also feel like the muffins were shallow, even though they rose lovely. This is where a deep muffin tray might make better results as they will grow up rather than up and very very outwards!

Another tasty treat ticked off the list, I usually hate cooked fruit but in a muffin it’s quite irresistible. Now looking for suggestions for another new bake please!


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