Things Autumn Brings Us

The best time of the year in my opinion!

Oh No, Not Another Blogger

Nearly two weeks into September and the Autumn weather is definitely making an appearance. Gone are the days you can just wake up, throw on a dress and go out with wet hair and feel comfortable. Actually, I’m not sure those days ever even exist in the UK, but autumn isn’t all doom and gloom, it’s a pretty amazing season that eases the transition from longer slightly warmer days to dark bitterly cold mornings.

Leaves at this time of year are stunning. The trees become colourful with complimentary shades of orange, brown and red. They scatter the floor and on dry days are really crispy and crunchy, perfect for stomping around in.

The sun shines a bit lower making shadows look different and more atmospheric, it glows more orange which makes it look deceivingly warm out.

Despite the sun deceiving us, it’s the perfect season to get out the old…

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