LJ Stitch and Sew

I’ve just set up a Facebook page as a dedicated place to showcase all of my crochet and sewing pieces. I’m trying to develop my skill set and offering pieces at low cost before I potentially start to sell things more regularly!

This hobby has helped me through a lot of stress and is currently keeping me sane through my teacher training, so any encouragement, feedback and suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Please use the link to connect with me on Facebook!



3 thoughts on “LJ Stitch and Sew

  1. Hi just viewed your blog i am doing the same thing I sew and have started a facebook page as well. My facebook page is called marie’s doggie dayware and as I love dogs i thought I would do something on that theme. a friend of mine advised me to set this up and do as many friend requests as I can, even if i do not know them, So everyday i send a few out to get as many likes as i can so every time I post they get to see what I have made.

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    • I shall look up your page. Thanks for the tip! I also have noticed my pictures which I take on my phone look fine on a phone screen but not on a PC so might need to dig out a camera!!


      • I use my phone to take all my photos I am finding them fine have a look at your settings on your phone. I transfer all my photos to iCloud then pick them up on my laptop then post


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