The the things you might like to know about me are;  I live at the Seaside, I love flowery dresses, I have lots of storage baskets, I can lick my elbow, I drive a Ford KA – in purple.

For a twenty-two year old girl I take life too seriously and I need to start enjoying life’s little luxuries again. So this blog is my new space to share my enjoyment in clothes and crafts.

I am quite a low maintenance individual probably because I have been with my boyfriend for half a decade and he appreciates me for who I am naturally. I also have never been crazily interested in the latest beauty or fashion trends. The most I’ve ever spent on my hair is £130 on my GHDs (a very proud purchase after my first ever payday) and a dress no more than £75 (worn once to a wedding). 

Despite this, I love shopping. It literally gives me a buzz and makes me feel alive. I shop in the high street stores, online, in charity shops, at boot fairs, pretty much anywhere that I can exchange my money for new goodies at good value prices. Most of my wardrobe is either secondhand or bought at a reduced price and still with a price tag on. It’s really unhealthy for my bank account but I know it’s great for my soul! 

Recently my shopping habit has turned to craft purchases. I’ve tried sewing, Decoupage, painting, card making and have some ideas for future projects I would like to set up. I am in no way an expert at any of these and I have no actual ‘skill’ to what I can produce, so my goal within the next year is to invest in one particular hobby and become confident in it. For the present day it’s a case of trying anything and everything crafty until I click with something!

I hope from setting up this blog I will come across like-minded people and can pick up a tip or two about my three interests! 

You can also find me on Instagram: l.davy
Lauren x


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