Goodbye Winter

With the spring weather slowly making a lovely and welcomed appearance, now seems like a good time to share my winter favourites before I swap them all in favour of lighter and brighter options.

Dove Daily Care 2in1 Shampoo and Conditioner
I got this impulsively when I was in urgent need of a nourishing shampoo. My hair was feeling very dry and frizzy from my excessive blow drying! I am so pleased with this purchase, it’s creamy, perfect for daily use and leaves my hair feeling conditioned but not weighted down. As a 400ml bottle this goes quite a long way and you can get many many hair washes from it.

The Body Shop Vitamin E Range
I purchased the mini travel pack which contains the Cleanser, Hydrating Toner, Day Moisture Cream and Night Moisture Cream which I have previously shared my first impressions on. This is the first range I have got into the habit of using. Winter drys out my skin a lot especially on my face and to find these products which I feel really comfortable using has been such a relief! No more face rashes or tight skin! The toner and day cream are completely gone, which is great. The night cream I use sparingly and only on nights when I feel like my face is super dry. The cleanser is rarely used, because I have a face wash but it is handy for when I am away from home.  Because I loved this range so much I have purchased the full size products, which is something I rarely do!

Nivea Lip Tin Rasberry Rosé
I got this as part of a three pack gift set at Christmas which I am so grateful for. I always used to apply Vaseline to my dry and cracked lips, knowing that lots of people have the opinion that Vaseline actually does the oppostive to aiding dry lips. This lip butter is heavenly. It feels thick and full of moisture but it isn’t too heavy on my lips. It keeps on for a while despite my constant lip licking. The main thing about this product is the smell. It is gorgeous and reminds me of a rasberry Petit Filous.

Dove Body Skilk
I have dedicated a whole post to this previously because it’s so great! I have sensitive skin and usually with winter comes Eczema but not for the past two years! I apply this two times a day after a bath and my skin is soft and prepared for the day ahead.

Vaseline Intensive Care Healthy Hands Stronger Nails Cream
My nails have always been a problem for me, they grow fairly quickly and evenly but the same ones always peel away! I have tried many different things to stop this and used nail creams in the past. I give up on them usually because they can be heavy and oily making it difficult to do anything for the half an hour after application. I got this bottle in Asda in part of a multi-buy offer and keep it next to my bed. It’s sued after every bath because I think the water is what makes my nails weak. It works really nice after I use nail polish remover too and helps to prevent drying out before I repaint!

My nails are also always painted and during the winter months I tend to reuse the same colours just for ease and because my wardrobe colours become quite limited. Purples, reds, dark pinks…natural colours which blend well with black and other dark clothing! The most used in past months has been the Nails Inc Piccadilly Circus. 

This has been the first time I feel confident in the products I am using and happy to pay to replace them, usually I never finish bottles and am always on the look out for new products! Next winter my beauty shop should be a breeze.


The Body Shop 3 in 1 Blue Corn Mask

Finding a face mask that doesn’t dry out your skin or make it extra oily can be a bit of a challenge, especially when you want a good quality one which will go a long way and work wonders for your skin. Having a small tester pot is never enough to do your whole face and use consistently to check you will get the results you want from a product, so I went all out and paid for this full size pot  of The Bodyshop 3 in 1 Blue Corn Mask worth £10. Luckily I had a 40% voucher to use up!


This is a 3 in 1 product which is applied as a mask and massaged off which works the exfoliating oats into action! I have used this product once a week for nearly three months now and I can’t fault it!  Usually on a Sunday I gently rub it onto my dry face and neck, leave for about 10 minutes or until it dries out and then lather it up with warm water. I use a Muslin face cloth to wipe it all off and finish with a splash of cold water to close up my pores.

It smells lovely so it’s great for putting on and relaxing in a bubble bath and with a powder blue like colour you can always see how evenly you have applied it. For me it’s a bonus because I make sure I’ve actually washed it all off too, the amount of times I have walked out of the house with left over face mask dotted around my face is embarrassing!

As an exfoliater this product is made with oats, so it is not so ‘gritty bitty’. It’s a subtle scrub which is gentle on sensitive skin. After washing off my face always feels super soft and has a healthier glow. I would describe this mask as a DIY spa facial treatment, perfect for weekly usage.

This will definitely be a product I shall continue to use and repurchase!

The Body Shop Deep Sleep Dreamy Body Mist

A good nights sleep is crucial for our bodies to recooperate.  Sometimes we get too much and sometimes we don’t get enough sleep. We should learn to be aware that our bodies and minds respond and react to our sleeping habits.

Stress and worries have been leaving me wide awake until as late (or early) as 7am. Wanting to avoid falling into the sleeping tablet habit a spray seemed like a good (but pricier) alternative.


On first looks in the shop I though it was small, smelly and dark. But this kind of made me feel like it was appropriate for nighttime! It is aromatic and although strong it isn’t harsh on your nose or overwhelming.

It is desribed as a body mist however I have been using it as a pillow spray. One spritz is enough as during the might the scent is released by movement. It may be psychological hut when I spray it I automatically feel a bit more sleepy and relaxed. This could be because of the oils (I am no expert), or it could be because I am finding myself with a new bedtime routine.

After just over a weeks usage I have found myself sleeping much better and I have not been waking up in the night. I feel relaxed and refreshed in the morning as a consequence.

The smell has’t overpowered my small bedroom which I am glad about. I do my university work in my bedroom so I do not need a further reason to be falling asleep at my desk!

The Body Shop Deep Sleep Dreamy Body Mist retails at £10 but you shouldn’t let this get in the way of a worthwhile purchase! It seems a lot but as usual The Body Shop make their products stretch a far way and I know this will keep me going and I feel more confident about my ability to get a good sleep at night.

Baby Powder vs Batiste

Dry shampoo has been a hair saver for many ladies over the years. It allowed us to refresh our hair and give it more ‘oomph’ when we don’t want to go through the lengthy process of washing and drying our locks. It’s a great product to own if you’re lazy like me and in the morning would prefer an extra hour in bed over freshly washed hair for school or work!

For a couple of months I haven’t purchased any new dry shampoo as I’m trialling Johnson’s Baby Powder as an alternative. I remember using it once before school when my hair was unwearable and I had got up too late to wash and dry it. I had no dry shampoo so I raided the house to find something that would be a good alternative. The baby powder made my hair go grey and although it wasn’t greasy any longer it did age me 40 years!

This time round I am trying to apply it differently. Having dark brown hair, dry shampoo sometimes shows up if I spray it too close and if I put too much on in one area. Taking this I’ve learnt that baby powder works equally as well if you pour a small amount into your hands and clap above your head. This might work well with a towel wrapped around you or in the bath so you don’t powder all of your lovely clothes! Then gently massage it in.

The other method that works for me is to pour the powder onto a paddle brush and simply brush through. This is better for adding texture to the bottom of your hair rather than de-greasing. It’s helped puff my natural curls and I noticed when I use kirby grips they hold much better!

If you haven’t already tried baby powder in your hair I recommend you do! You can get a small bottle which goes a very long way for as little as 97p in some saver shops. Much more cost effective than Batiste. For a little bit more effort it can be worth it.

Johnson’s baby range, although designed for babies, is actually really good for your skin. It’s kind to sensitive skin, alcohol free and leaves you feeling as soft as a baby’s bottom. The baby powder is not only great for your hair but it really helps dry off your skin after a hot bath or shower, it’s a softer way than rubbing or patting a towel over your body. I also noticed when I have irritated legs from shaving or having the water too hot it calms the itch down!

If you’re looking to cut your beauty spending or just want your money to go further it can’t hurt to try this alternative.

Elderflower Eye Gel

Life is stressful and tiring for many and our eyes are so sensitive to our environments. Mine have recently been looking very puffy and tired. The eye bags have returned with the cold weather and they have lost the bit of sparkle they had in the summer. Drinking plenty of water will help reduce bags and bring back the sparkle. Fine wrinkles and dull skin can be revived by cold cucumber slices.

It seems a waste to keep putting perfectly edible food on my face so I’ve been on the look out for a nice eye gel or cream. Having no idea on where to start I looked through my existing beauty products to see what brands I like. The Body Shop has been a favourite a while so on a recent shopping trip I popped in and purchased this Elderflower Eye Gel. The lady at the till really recommended it and said it was one of the longest standing products which hasn’t had its ingredients altered.

It’s a tiny pot with a larger price of £7.50 – although there are usually money off vouchers to shop with making it a healthier price for the bank account!

I’ve used this at least once a day for a couple of weeks now and I am still a bit unsure of the effects. I’ve been gently rubbing it in using circular motions to the bags beneath my eyes and outer corners. A lot of the reviews I have read previously said it is treat for headaches and relieving stress aches. I have noticed the cold refreshing texture did relieve some stress tension around my eyes after a long period of computer usage. And it works well to help set eyeshadow too. With regards to the price, I’ve learnt you really do only use a minimal amount. One tiny dab on your little finger goes a very long way!

I imagine this is a really great product to use during the summer months when your skin is suffering from sun exposure and dehydration. This would be so welcomed after being chilled in the fridge. It’s not a wow- factor purchase but I will give it some more time and see what it’s like during the sunnier months. There’s a lot in the pot so I know I won’t be running out any time soon.

Pump it Up!

I’ve been using the Tresemmé hear defence spray for years now and after running out I made a quick cheap replacement purchase for the summer. I used Tesco curl defining heat defence spray which smells lovely and really boosted the beach waves look all summer long.

I keep meaning to try new products to see if there are any better suited to my already thick hair. I wanted to poof it up a bit and not weigh the natural curls and waves. I didn’t want shiny or too soft to touch hair as I like texture when it’s in an up-do.

This VO5 Pump it up spray describes itself as ‘volume & thickness with natural bounce’ – first box ticked. It said it would do what I wanted it to do!

In Tesco this was in part of a two for £5 offer so I bought some more hairspray making this just £2.50 – box two ticked.

I’ve tried it for a while now and the bottle appears to be never ending! Because it has a very watery texture it has good coverage on your hair. I like the clear packaging because I can see how much I have left and how much usage I can get for my money. This is something I didn’t get with the Tresemmé spray.

I officially tick box three as its defined my natural bounce, given me texture, extra thickness and has a lovely smell.

Excuse the tired eyes, it’s been a stressful week!