No more ‘nothing to wear’

The sun has been making a lovely appearence recently encouraging me to go shopping for new spring/summer wardrobe goodies. I’ve spent way over what I should have done but I am in love with my new pieces.

Following my start of year clear out of clothes in an attempt to have a more minimalist wardrobe, I have been more fussy and selective with what I purchase. I no longer buy for a future non-existing occassion and I wear my new items as soon as possible to prevent me from hoarding new with tag bits that end up on my ebay!

Because of spending too much I have decided to start photographing my clothes and possible outfit ideas. I will collect these and print them to make a handy outfit bible! This will encourage me to be more creative with how I partner up items, love my clothes more and save money by upcycling what I already own. So far I have been amazed at how changing one thing about an outfit can transform it!




This gorgeous dress cost me £8 in the George sale. I love everything about it and as it is navy blue the colour combinations are endless making this a new staple piece for my wardrobe.

This little project has also identified my style. I never thought I had a particular dress sense but actually I am quite girly and romantic. I love floral prints, light floaty fabrics, simple designs like shift and a line patterns and I love a good elasticated waistline. This will come in handy for when I do go shopping as it should stop me from buying bits that just aren’t me.

With this collection of pictures I will never have the excuse of having nothing to wear!


Find me on ebay!


Great quality secondhand clothes from a pet and smoke free home!

I love shopping and equally selling my unworn clothes. I am in the middle of a great clear out of clothes and thought I may as well share with my blog followers incase anyone is interested!

Strawberry Skirt

I love looking for new fabrics to sew with and spontaneous shopping trips always make me smile. Recently I came across this fabric which imstantly stood out to me on the shelf. It’s navy blue with cute red strawberries and tiny white polka dots – three of my favourite things – SOLD!


I knew I wanted to turn this into a simple skirt with an elasticated waistband, however I really wanted to minimalise wasteage. I purchased a meter in the hope it would be enough, and with some trial and error I learnt it was more than enough!

I wish I had taken some pictures of my working progress so I could write a simple tutorial post but I completely forgot so you get the finished product photo.

This is a great motivator to make more skirts and finish some unfinished projects lurking in my craft cabinet.


How to tackle the wardrobe!

Clearing out the wardrobe properly is something we always think to do but never commit to. I have often started and just been overwhelmed by the task and end up keeping everything for ease. Usually you want to have a clear out because you have too much stuff and not enough space, or you’re looking at treating yourself to some updates pieces. You want to get rid of lots but not throw away your money and be left with nothing to wear. You have to get the right balance in order for this to work well for you. The following steps are how I tackled my large wardrobe:

1) Decide why you want to have a clear out. If you have no goal you will end up keeping lots you don’t want and waste your time! I chose to have a clear out to create an airier living space and change my lifestyle. Think “the less I can live with the richer my life will be”.

2) Break the challenge down into smaller chunks. Trying to clear a lot of your loved items in one sitting can lead to bad side effects like shopping sprees and sadness. Set a target to clear out the following categories that apply to you:

tops, shirts, skirts, trousers, jumpers and cardigans, underwear, outerwear, shoes, accessories

3) Each time you clear a ‘category’ of your wardrobe it’s easier to establish what fits.  It’s okay to have a few pieces for ‘fat days’ but really keep these to minimum!  If things really are too small or way too big, be realistic and decide if in the next month you will be wearing these pieces. If not, put in a black bag and move on to the next piece.

4) So now you should have a pile of clothes which presumably fit. Next take out any unworn items, whether they are new with tags or just rarely worn (like occasion pieces), put these in a box to sort later. You should be left with clothes you have worn recently.

5) Look at what clothes are left in front of you and think about your style. If you are having a clear out to start a fresh image, think about what colours suit you best and what pieces you already have will go with future purchases. Try to think of times when people complimented you on what you were wearing. Are there any items in this pile that make you look and feel good? If something doesn’t do you any favours put it in the black bag.

6) The pile (if it still exists) should have pieces of clothing that fits you, is worn well and you like. The next step is to check to duplicates. How many items are very similar looking? How many pairs of jeans do you own? What about little black dresses? We usually have a few items which are nearly identical with just a few differences. Pick out these pieces and get rid of one of them. This can cut down the stress of choosing what to wear and will eliminate items you aren’t getting your moneys worth of wear from.

7) Pick out those anomalies. These are items of clothing which can only be worn in a certain outfit. If you keep pieces like this you will always be keen to find new purchases to build this into your wardrobe. If you have a few of these odd pieces you’re taking up space and cluttering your wardrobe for a very poor reason.

8) Put away the remaining items of clothing. These are your new staples! Return to your pile of unworn clothes and go through the process again. Keep smart suits and dresses stored in clothes bags to keep them in good condition free from dust and moths. If things are new with tags, you could consider selling them on to get some of your money back. If you have upcoming events try and choose a suitable outfit for it in advance to help reduce the possibility of buying lots of outfits for one occasion.

Finally shift your black bag/s of clothes to the charity shop or pass on to a friend!

Some extra tips: 

– There are lots of recommendations for de-cluttering your home and wardrobes, but the only person who can really help you is yourself. You have to have the correct mindset to really have a successful clear out. Forcing yourself to clear clothes away can bring a lot of regret and sadness! We can get very attached to clothes, I have been known to spontaneously clear out items in the past and repurchase them on eBay.

– Use black bags not clear ones so you can’t see what is going. When you have finished a session, try and take the bag straight to its new destination, such as the charity shop or collection bin. Having it sit in your home is space wasting and encourages you to take a peak to ‘check’ what you’re getting rid of. If you have done the process right you won’t need to check! If items are in the bag they are for a good reason.

– There are clothes banks who will accept your bags of clothes for a generous price per Kilo. Charity shops always need clothes and organisations for homeless people at this time of year would gratefully accept old clothes, particularly coats.

– I usually am a fan of selling on good quality clothes but when you’re getting rid of a larger amount it is much healthier to just pass them on. The selling process can be quite lengthy and you can end up just keeping bits because it’s easier. If you do this it’s back to square one!

– Publicly have a clear out! It goes against what I say in other situations but keeping others notified on social media about your clear outs will attract some attention and psychologically make you feel good and rewarded. You don’t have to brag about donating to charity or list every item you’ve cleared away but be proud of your achievements and share them with others.

– You don’t have to do it physically alone either, invite your friends round and recreate Carrie Bradshaw’s closet scene!

Since clearing my own wardrobe outfit making has become more creative and fun, I have no problems choosing something to wear, I am spending less money as I am aware of what’s missing in my clothes and I dress in pieces that make me feel more confident!

Clear-Out: Skirts

If you haven’t seen my previous posts I have committed to a New Years resolution of having a 2015 clear out and creating a minimalistic lifestyle. I hold onto lots of clothes and possessions I no longer need – not that I ever really needed them in the first place. I have so far cleared out my dresses, jumpers and cardigans, tops and bottoms. Now it’s time to sort through the skirts!

Skirt analysis:
I only have 12, so not as many as my dress collection started off as. Still 12 is 12 more than I wear on a regular basis! A few are too small for me and I’ve held on in the hope I would loose some of the hips but this is virtually possible for a McDonalds lover and sofa Sloth. They are pretty much all patterned, most are a lined or skater styled. I wear all of them high waisted. Two are new with tags.

Clothes that have tags on in your wardrobe have the tag on for a reason. You have no reason to wear it now or you’re saving it for a future event. Or it was a bargain and you needed it to sit in your look and don’t wear wardrobe. I’ve held onto two skirts from Topshop both new with tags and for two years now they haven’t managed to be worn. They’re gone now. – 2 skirts

I love maxi skirts but I never find the right opportunity to wear mine – it’s bright pink. A charity shop find I couldn’t walk away from but a whole summer passed and I couldn’t pair it with much. – 1 skirt

I couldn’t part with anymore because I love wearing them for lunch and dinner dates during winter with tights or leggings. A couple I wore last Christmas and I will see if they make the cut this year too. If not I will return and donate!

So a weaker finish to my wardrobe clear out with only 3 skirts being pushed away. This will happen some more I am sure of it. The next clear out will be a quick one, outerwear.


Clear-Out: Bottoms

So I’ve cleared out the dresses, cardigans and jumpers and tops in my wardrobe. The next task on my 2015 Clear-Out list is to sort through the bottoms.

I have mentioned in previous posts that I live in dresses and leggings or tights. I recently donated my jeans to charity as I have Jeggings which were more welcomed into my wardrobe. Aside from these pieces trousers are quite absent from my outfits.


Bottoms analysis:
I have counted 5 pairs of leggings, suitable for the amount of dresses I wear. Three pairs of jeggings, one pair are black and are slowly becoming a favourite of mine to wear. I have a few pairs of yoga pants and the popular viscose joggers which always shrink in the wash! There are a lot of summer shorts too, living at the seaside is breezy so dressed aren’t so popular in summer! A total of 22 choices of what to wear on my legs. Wow.

I like my black leggings but I really do not need the one brown pair I purchased in the Next sale two years ago. I’ve always tried to find bits to go with them but I have finally decided I don’t like and don’t want them. Dilemma sorted! – 1 leggings

Sportswear is definitely not my thing. Time to get rid of those because I’ll buy some when I’m ready to commit to some exercise! January sales will be a fun time for me to replace all of these odd bits that no longer fit or unsuitable. -4 sportswear bottoms

My Jeggings aren’t the best fitting since I lost a bit of weight but they’re wearable still. I found some green jeans which go with lots but they go baggy really quickly so I tend to only wear them around the house. Time to go!! – 1 pair of jeans

Admittedly I had a clear out of my summer shorts this summer and I only purchased a new pair of denim ones. So that area is left untouched. I only have 5 pairs of shorts which will be in summer storage so it’s all good. That’s 6 bottoms gone, leaving me with a choice of 16. 12 if you don’t count the black leggings!


I’m not sure if the clear out is becoming a success or setting me up for a big shopping spree in the sales. I am determined to keep cutting back and build a smaller wardrobe over 2015. The next mission will be skirts!

Clear-Out: Tops

The more I declutter the more open minded I feel and I am finding new outfit combinations I hadn’t really thought about! My 2015 Clear-Out is definitely looking hopeful. With all of the clearing out of clothes I hope I can eliminate the need to buy more clothes which serve no purpose in my life.


Top Analysis:

I considered myself not to have many tops but I’ve counted a whopping 34. It’s funny because I rarely wear tops with skirts or trousers, I normally like a vest top for an added layer under a dress! So to have this many comes as a shock. What do I wear them all with?! When do I wear them! I’ve counted 7 vest tops all black and white except from two.

The best place to start for me is all of those vest tops and plain basic tops that I only really wear once a month. If you’re going to wear a top you might as well wear one that is flattering and has something unique about it. Primark is great for basics but I don’t need half of my top collection to be taken up with ‘Basic Tee’ tops. -7 tops

Next to get of the odd tops which do not compliment anything else I own. The types that I need to go and buy more clothes to make it match something. -1


Clearing out the tops was harder than I realised. A lot are part of my working wardrobe! This highlights the issue of not owning enough ‘bottoms’. They’re on my list for the next clear out post so more of that another day. The total top clear out is 8. That’s cleared quite a lot of the non-hanging space which is good.