I love how the antlers have turned out on Rudolph, I have changed my pattern slightly since making him as I had planned to add legs. I think he will look cute as a hanging decoration!



LJ Stitch and Sew

I’ve just set up a Facebook page as a dedicated place to showcase all of my crochet and sewing pieces. I’m trying to develop my skill set and offering pieces at low cost before I potentially start to sell things more regularly!

This hobby has helped me through a lot of stress and is currently keeping me sane through my teacher training, so any encouragement, feedback and suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Please use the link to connect with me on Facebook!


For me this ‘celebration’ has no real meaning. At school we learnt about Hallows Eve and the time of harvest, at home I enjoyed fancy dress halloween/birthday parties with fireworks, toffee apples and of course costumes.

Some hate the date, some love it and we all have different reasons for making a deal out of the day or not. I love fancy dress and pumpkins, the colours of autumn vegetables, the smell of rain and freezing cold sunny days. So I see Halloween a time to celebrate this perfect season.

I haven’t carved many pumpkins in my life, maybe two or three? They never looked impressive so this year I tried out my new hobby skills and made one. I love it! The stalk needs to be made with a darker brown to accent the orange yarn more, and I need to neaten up the stuffing, but then again pumpkins aren’t usually perfect in shape.


First granny square

A granny square is a popular choice for beginner crocheters as they are pretty, easy to do and fairly quick projects.

I finally got round to attempting one myself and am extremely pleased with the outcome. I introduced new colours for the first time and have a head filled will pattern writing ideas!


I am using DK yarn while I am still practising and getting used to this skill but I can’t wait to get some finer cotton to work with. Hopefully this will help me achieve a crisper finish with finer and professional detail to my projects.

Strawberry Skirt

I love looking for new fabrics to sew with and spontaneous shopping trips always make me smile. Recently I came across this fabric which imstantly stood out to me on the shelf. It’s navy blue with cute red strawberries and tiny white polka dots – three of my favourite things – SOLD!


I knew I wanted to turn this into a simple skirt with an elasticated waistband, however I really wanted to minimalise wasteage. I purchased a meter in the hope it would be enough, and with some trial and error I learnt it was more than enough!

I wish I had taken some pictures of my working progress so I could write a simple tutorial post but I completely forgot so you get the finished product photo.

This is a great motivator to make more skirts and finish some unfinished projects lurking in my craft cabinet.