Testament of Youth

I have never read the book but I have just watched the BBC’s film adaptation and I can really see why the novel was named as the Voice of Generation.

It’s such a powerful war memoir and a gentle reminder of how this country came to be and it still is so relevant to the happenings around the world today.

Remembering those who risk their lives daily in battle anywhere in this world is so important to do on a daily basis, not just on Remembarance Sunday. It is equally important to not let the sorrow stop you from living but to embrace life because you are fortunate to still have yours.

– Lauren


Recommended movies for Christmas

In the lead up to Christmas I love snuggling into bed with a good Christmas movie. This tradition is inherited from my mum who is like a child at this time of year and has a shelf dedicated Christmas CDs and DVDs which is an aim of mine for when I get my own place!

Despite having already watched quite a few Christmas related films, there are a few that can only be watched the week of Christmas.

Meet me at St Louis
This Black and White beauty has always been a favourite. I love musicals and so this gets me in a feel good mood and it’s a touching story. Judy Garland is such star!

The Grinch
Dr Suess really did well with this story. A lanky green rat look-a- like who steals Christmas. It’s full of comedy and rhyme, the acting is sublime.

I actually dislike this film a lot. It’s irritating and annoying. Zooey Deschennel is not Jess from New Girl and it’s all a bit to awkward to watch. But I still press play and endure it for the few laughs at the pure stupidity of it all!

Home Alone
For me I like 1 and 2. Anything after that doesn’t have the same entertainment factor. They make me want to spend Christmas in America with a big fancy house with lots of family.

Mirical on 34th Street
As a child I loved RoAhl Doals Matilda in book form. Mara Wilson who plays Matilda suits the character so well and I love her as a child actress. In Miracle on 34th Street she’s equally as cute and this film has a real festive feel to it!