December Essentials

As we approach December and the colder weather starts arriving (very slowly, it’s been a mild year), I thought I would put together a list of what I call my December Essentials.

1) SPF
Although the sun may not be shining as warmly or for a long as we would like sun protection is still a must. A lot of people I know have the misconception that just because it is a ‘cold sun’ it’s UV Rays won’t have the same effect as they do during the summer season. I am no scientist or expert but I believe that they do still have an effect on your skin, especially if you spend a lot of time in the outdoors. So for me, moisturiser with an SPF is a great investment for all year round. I also love a good tinted moisturiser to keep my natural sun-kissed glow.

2) Chunky Jumpers 
when I do the classic wardrobe swap I find myself having so much more storage space, beacsue my winter wardrobe consists of dresses and tights or leggings and lots of chunky jumpers to snuggled up in.

3) Scarves 
To go with the chunky jumpers and dresses, I have a lot of scarves which have just become a wardrobe staple for me all year round. A great way to make a plain outfit look a bit more ‘fashionable’ and they create endless amounts of outfits!

4) Vaseline – Rosy Lips
Many people I know aren’t much of a fan when it comes to Vaseline for your lips. It’s been known to dry them out more and can have a slimy texture. But for me it works and I love just being able to top it up during the day without a mirror and having to check if it’s bleeding around my lips to make me look like a clown. The Rosy Lips version ‘pinkens’ my lips to a natural shade and people often say they like my lipstick!  A bargain price too, in most drugstores you can get them for about £1.

5) Socks
More specifically, Christmas themed socks. These are a must to keep your toes nice and warm during Christmas shopping sprees and lazy days in.

6) Cadbury Drinking Chocolate
I don’t mean the instant ‘just add hot water’ type, I mean the real ‘swirl into hot milk’ type. I love having a night in with a big mug of this and some Cadbury chocolate to dip in (melted chocolate in your mouth is the best sensation, I am sure of it).

7) Christmas music
When December hits the playlists change and CDs in my car are swapped to Mariah Carey, Michael Bublé, Now That’s What I Call Christmas and I personally really like the Ally McBeal Christmas Soundtrack. Not forgetting Slade, Shakin’ Stevens and so on.

8) Glitter 
The party seasons is very much on our doorsteps, not that I have many party plans, but I still like to add a bit of sparkle into my wardrobe. Whether that be wearing glitter in my clothes or subtly in my eye-shadow it will be there. Most likely on my nails.

9) Decorations 
I live with my parents so unfortunately I don’t get to go crazy and decorate my home the way I would like. My mum loves Christmas lights and they do get planted on every flat surface, along with two Christmas trees and candles everywhere. I like to add festivity into my bedroom in the form of lights, candles and cute Christmas ornaments. This was a gift from my mum for my birthday in November:

10) Toby Carvery
My favourite place to eat has to be Toby Carvery, just because I absolutely love a roast dinner. Beef, Gammon and Turkey, Yorkshire puddings the size of your face, endless amounts of vegetables and roast potatoes, and to make it even more yummy in December, they have parsnips and occasionally Brussel sprouts. Of course this has to be topped with copious amounts of gravy, mint sauce and bread sauce.