For me this ‘celebration’ has no real meaning. At school we learnt about Hallows Eve and the time of harvest, at home I enjoyed fancy dress halloween/birthday parties with fireworks, toffee apples and of course costumes.

Some hate the date, some love it and we all have different reasons for making a deal out of the day or not. I love fancy dress and pumpkins, the colours of autumn vegetables, the smell of rain and freezing cold sunny days. So I see Halloween a time to celebrate this perfect season.

I haven’t carved many pumpkins in my life, maybe two or three? They never looked impressive so this year I tried out my new hobby skills and made one. I love it! The stalk needs to be made with a darker brown to accent the orange yarn more, and I need to neaten up the stuffing, but then again pumpkins aren’t usually perfect in shape.




It’s now time for the annual countdown that many base their year around. For many decorations are being put up around the house, presents are being purchased and wrapped, Father Christmas is being used as a very good parenting behaviour management tool, and cupboards are being stocked with tasty foods; festive spirits are feeling the world.

Well, some parts of it anyway. There is a huge population of the world who aren’t celebrating for one reason or another and it leaves me wondering what made Christmas such a commercial calendar event?

Why do we have advent calendars and count down to a Christmas dinner or mythological character visiting our homes leaving probably underserved luxury gifts?

It fascinates me every year!