Christmas Trees

These trees look so sweet sitting on the side. The next job is to decorate with some beads!  I have so many ideas for these but I’ve had to jot them all down for Christmas 2016 as there is no time!



Rag Lights

My scrap fabrics have got out of control and I need to clear some, but I can’t bring myself to bin things I know I can recycle and reuse.  A quick search on Pinterest found me this mini project which turned out to not be so mini!

All you need is some Christmas lights, strips of fabric long enough to tie a single knot, and patience.




A little tip: Although it might be tempting to have nice and neatly cut strips of fabric, this really goes look nicer when it has a little bit of variety in size and texture. Don’t cut away the fraying edges either!

The Season of Red, Green and Tartan

I have seen a lot of ‘#DIYDecember’ which has been really inspiring and got me excited about different ways to keep myself busy in my free time.

This week I thought I would try the classic salt-dough decorations. It was such a quick and easy project which really got me into a happy mood. Just getting my hands into the sticky dough, rolling and kneading felt so therapeutic, I recommend it to everyone.

There are so many recipes to follow online and suggestions for cooking or microwaving. I thought I would just improvise and see how it goes.

1 cup of table salt
2 cups of flour
1 cup of water

I kept adding water and flour until I got a nice tough consistency which I then rolled out and used cookie cutters to create shapes!
They almost look good enough to eat!

I made a lot of trees because I like Christmas trees – of course. After spending an hour painting them, I thread a nice tartan ribbon through (the choice was hard to make thank you HobbyCraft). So now I have a cute DIY Christmas Tree alternative to Bunting.

I hope some of my craft posts might inspire others to make some projects and get in touch with their crafty sides this  December.


No Sew Bunting

This was tonight’s mini project, completed in 30 minutes.


Sometimes the thought of getting the sewing machine all set up and spending ages cutting materials to make bunting is just too daunting and a quick no sew project is perfect for quiet evenings in.

To make this you will need:


Scissors, hemming web, lace or ribbon, string, any fabric for the base triangle but preferably a cotton as it’s easier to work with, another fabric to add a different dimension to each flag.


Start by cutting 6 or more triangles (mine were purchased pre-cut for this project – lazy I know!) and cut the equivalent amount of decoration fabric in strips.

Lay the hemming web on the flag and place decoration fabric on top. Iron on a high heat setting – I find no steam works best. Iron on the front and back to make sure it is well attached. Trim edges to fit flag.


Add a layer of lace or ribbon again with webbing, fabric glue, or use self adhesive decorative tape. Trim to fit edges.


Use mini pegs to attach each flag to some string and you’re done!

Christmas is Coming

As we are approaching the Christmas season it feels appropriate that my first blog entry be Christmas themed!

I have always had an interest in card making, having a Nan who loves making personalized cards with fancy embossing and stamping this interest was bound to catch on.  I do tend to make home made cards for my boyfriend for this birthday, anniversaries and Christmas. They are normally made out of kids basic white card and a sharpie pen – very basic.

For Christmas this year I have attempted making cards using acrylic paint, something I have no skill in at all. I started off with a very basic snow themed card, dabbing the end of a pencil in the paint and stamping. I quite like the effect this has and I can already imagine how great this would look on different coloured card.

The stamping then moved onto…snowmen! I am rather proud of how nice these little ones came out on an envelope.  Decorated using the trustworthy Sharpie pens.

After this I got a bit more confident and make a penguin and owl, using paint for the eyes and Sharpie for the bodies.

I’m so excited for making more cards!!!