Recommended movies for Christmas

In the lead up to Christmas I love snuggling into bed with a good Christmas movie. This tradition is inherited from my mum who is like a child at this time of year and has a shelf dedicated Christmas CDs and DVDs which is an aim of mine for when I get my own place!

Despite having already watched quite a few Christmas related films, there are a few that can only be watched the week of Christmas.

Meet me at St Louis
This Black and White beauty has always been a favourite. I love musicals and so this gets me in a feel good mood and it’s a touching story. Judy Garland is such star!

The Grinch
Dr Suess really did well with this story. A lanky green rat look-a- like who steals Christmas. It’s full of comedy and rhyme, the acting is sublime.

I actually dislike this film a lot. It’s irritating and annoying. Zooey Deschennel is not Jess from New Girl and it’s all a bit to awkward to watch. But I still press play and endure it for the few laughs at the pure stupidity of it all!

Home Alone
For me I like 1 and 2. Anything after that doesn’t have the same entertainment factor. They make me want to spend Christmas in America with a big fancy house with lots of family.

Mirical on 34th Street
As a child I loved RoAhl Doals Matilda in book form. Mara Wilson who plays Matilda suits the character so well and I love her as a child actress. In Miracle on 34th Street she’s equally as cute and this film has a real festive feel to it!