Christmas comes with guilty pleasures…

We all have them and mine are simply Pickled Onions, Cheese and the Glee Christmas albums.  download710VeC03XgL._SX450_51n+Yo500HL._SY450_


No Sew Bunting

This was tonight’s mini project, completed in 30 minutes.


Sometimes the thought of getting the sewing machine all set up and spending ages cutting materials to make bunting is just too daunting and a quick no sew project is perfect for quiet evenings in.

To make this you will need:


Scissors, hemming web, lace or ribbon, string, any fabric for the base triangle but preferably a cotton as it’s easier to work with, another fabric to add a different dimension to each flag.


Start by cutting 6 or more triangles (mine were purchased pre-cut for this project – lazy I know!) and cut the equivalent amount of decoration fabric in strips.

Lay the hemming web on the flag and place decoration fabric on top. Iron on a high heat setting – I find no steam works best. Iron on the front and back to make sure it is well attached. Trim edges to fit flag.


Add a layer of lace or ribbon again with webbing, fabric glue, or use self adhesive decorative tape. Trim to fit edges.


Use mini pegs to attach each flag to some string and you’re done!