A tide of Blue

When it comes to politics I absolutely hate how people judge others and make those indirect statuses or tweets to people who have an alternative point of view.

All of a sudden all of my friends appear to have some confidence that they know what is best for each individual in the UK! Whilst many others are looking at what has happened in the past affect their mindset of what could happen in the future.

People are looking for parties to trip up and fail them. Britain is known for having a negative vibe and attitude towards life. We don’t embrace the opportunities enough or create a united front and back all of the very brave and passionate candidates.

We should be accepting the vote because that is what democracy is and this is how it works. Parties win for a reason and it’s time we stand up and suck it up. Here is to the next 5 years under a Conservative government and lets hope that we can be supportive and at least try and adopt to the changes forthcoming.

If anyone thinks I am taking this stance because I voted Conservative you are wrong. You are also wrong if you think government won’t have serious implications for my future! The world of Education is starting to look a little bleaker.


Nails Inc Freebies

I am not a great collector of make up and I tend to stick to a very low budget when it comes to the contents of my make up bag. When Glamour Magazine bring out their Nails Inc freebies I can’t help but go out and buy a couple of magazines. It’s £2 for a 10ml bottle and a magazine, in Boots this size bottle retails at £11!

So last year I bagged a lovely deep Burgundy Red colour called ‘Piccadilly Circus’ and a lovely soft Brown/ Taupe shade called ‘Jermyne Street’. Both of these nail polishes have been used all year round for me and have just reached below the half way mark. I had no hesitations in purchasing two magazines to bag two new replacement colours.

I went for ‘Maylebone Mews’ which is very similar to Jermyne Street, but has more of a lilac hue, and ‘Hanover Square’ which almost a dark ox-blood red.

My nails are always coated with colour and so for me nail polish is always a great investment. For some reason I tend to stick to the cheaper brands, as I haven’t found the quality to be much different. However, Nails Inc have really impressed me with the colours, coverage and finish. The polish itself is quite thin which I like, because it means I can use less on my nails and make it go further. Second coats are a dream too as there is no clumping or smudging!

I recommend these nail polishes and if you can, grab a December issue of Glamour and bag your full size freebie colour!


Recommended movies for Christmas

In the lead up to Christmas I love snuggling into bed with a good Christmas movie. This tradition is inherited from my mum who is like a child at this time of year and has a shelf dedicated Christmas CDs and DVDs which is an aim of mine for when I get my own place!

Despite having already watched quite a few Christmas related films, there are a few that can only be watched the week of Christmas.

Meet me at St Louis
This Black and White beauty has always been a favourite. I love musicals and so this gets me in a feel good mood and it’s a touching story. Judy Garland is such star!

The Grinch
Dr Suess really did well with this story. A lanky green rat look-a- like who steals Christmas. It’s full of comedy and rhyme, the acting is sublime.

I actually dislike this film a lot. It’s irritating and annoying. Zooey Deschennel is not Jess from New Girl and it’s all a bit to awkward to watch. But I still press play and endure it for the few laughs at the pure stupidity of it all!

Home Alone
For me I like 1 and 2. Anything after that doesn’t have the same entertainment factor. They make me want to spend Christmas in America with a big fancy house with lots of family.

Mirical on 34th Street
As a child I loved RoAhl Doals Matilda in book form. Mara Wilson who plays Matilda suits the character so well and I love her as a child actress. In Miracle on 34th Street she’s equally as cute and this film has a real festive feel to it!

You’re Bigger than the Big Blue

“You’re bigger than the big blue”

This can be interpreted in so many ways but for me it really relates to my struggles with depression and anxiety. The ‘big blue’ being these mental health problems which affect me on a daily basis. I also see the big blue like an ocean of obstacles in the form worries, fears, people. Not all of these things stick around, some might longer longer than others. But I’ve noticed that they come and go like waves, some knock me down and some push me up to a high. Although there might be a risk, they never completely drown me – because I have decided I am BIGGER!


I’ve learnt this year that change doesn’t just happen without you actively making an effort. For me I have had to chase other people up by making phone calls, sending letters and emails in order to secure my future plans. When you do finally get some answers (because you will), it’s a relief and there is a great sense of satisfaction knowing you’ve been productive. I feel more able to achieve and that I am regaining control of my life and the decisions I need to make.

At this time of year where everyone around you seems to be positive, excited and happy, even when you catch yourself having some fun, it can be so difficult to get the support you are actually in need of. Please talk to people and look after yourself. x

The Season of Red, Green and Tartan

I have seen a lot of ‘#DIYDecember’ which has been really inspiring and got me excited about different ways to keep myself busy in my free time.

This week I thought I would try the classic salt-dough decorations. It was such a quick and easy project which really got me into a happy mood. Just getting my hands into the sticky dough, rolling and kneading felt so therapeutic, I recommend it to everyone.

There are so many recipes to follow online and suggestions for cooking or microwaving. I thought I would just improvise and see how it goes.

1 cup of table salt
2 cups of flour
1 cup of water

I kept adding water and flour until I got a nice tough consistency which I then rolled out and used cookie cutters to create shapes!
They almost look good enough to eat!

I made a lot of trees because I like Christmas trees – of course. After spending an hour painting them, I thread a nice tartan ribbon through (the choice was hard to make thank you HobbyCraft). So now I have a cute DIY Christmas Tree alternative to Bunting.

I hope some of my craft posts might inspire others to make some projects and get in touch with their crafty sides this  December.


The UK tries Black Friday

What an embarrassment. I am aware the American tradition of ‘Black Friday’ had visited some supermarkets in previous years and high street retailers liked to offer an extra 10-30% off purchases to keep up with popularity.

Today I thought I’d just pop to a smaller shopping centre in my town to pick up some bits and bobs and I was horrified at the stories the checkout lady was telling me! People acted like animals to get reduced items and being that it’s payday for many I assume they were all a little merrier than usual too.

I’ve just got home and had a quick glance at my Facebook and there are videos of people who live in this country running into the supermarkets and fighting over TVs. Literally men and women. I didn’t even find the videos funny it just shows how sad and pathetic people can become over products they do not need. After Children in Need and the crisis of Ebola being in the media recently, it’s shocking how people can say “we need money for our own problems” and then here thousands are on camera doing what I wouldn’t even call shopping!

It’s also sad to know some people acted like animals purely out of desperation to buy products at a good value price to sell on to make some money before Christmas. IT’S NOT ABOUT THE PRESENTS!

To make matters worse, apparently it’s happening again tomorrow.