Testament of Youth

I have never read the book but I have just watched the BBC’s film adaptation and I can really see why the novel was named as the Voice of Generation.

It’s such a powerful war memoir and a gentle reminder of how this country came to be and it still is so relevant to the happenings around the world today.

Remembering those who risk their lives daily in battle anywhere in this world is so important to do on a daily basis, not just on Remembarance Sunday. It is equally important to not let the sorrow stop you from living but to embrace life because you are fortunate to still have yours.

– Lauren


The Reader

This book captivated me when I was 15. An old friend recommended it to me and looking back I don’t know how I ever really understood the depth of the story line!

Yesturday was the Holocaust Memorial Day and books like this open your eyes to new perspectives and different angles of the disasters.

Normally in books I make a natural judgement on characters but in this one I really couldn’t as thr writer cleverly shines them in different lights.

The ending felt a bit rushed to me but that also might be that I didn’t want the book to finish as usual.